March 1st, Ottawa – Music and Beyond is looking for donors for their Spring Wine Auction that will take place at Ottawa City Hall’s beautiful Jean Pigott Place on the 24th of March 2017.

The Ottawa Wine Auction is an important fundraiser and part of the many initiatives presented by Music and Beyond to support its programming. Through the years, generous donors and buyers have helped the festival to grow and have contributed to the richness and diversity of cultural life of Ottawa.

Donors will have their wine appraised by one of North America’s leading wine experts, Robert Jull, owner of Vinifera Wine Services, who has for more than 20 years appraised the wine for most of Ontario’s charity auctions. Once potential donors see the evaluations, they can then decide whether they would like to proceed with the donation.

No donation is too large or too small! The festival will accept donations until March 22, 2017 for the first wine auction of this year; after that, donations will be accepted for our fall wine auction. Each wine donor will receive a charitable income tax receipt based on the appraised value of the wine in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. For more information about this process, please email:

During this fundraiser, Music and Beyond will be holding a silent auction and is looking for new items to donate related to the event’s theme (wine glasses, decanters, cheese boards, etc.).

“Contributions from our donors are hugely appreciated and are vital to supporting our concerts, events and young people’s initiatives.” –Julian Armour, Music and Beyond Artistic and Executive Director.