Why do we hold wine auctions?

Music and Beyond holds wine auctions for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Music and Beyond is a registered charity, and wine auctions are fundraisers for us. Like most arts organizations, ticket sales only cover about 25% of our total expenses, so fundraising events like these are vital. Proceeds from the wine sold are donated to Music and Beyond; since our expenses are minimal, virtually all of the funds go to supporting our concerts, events, and young people’s initiatives.

A significant aspect of our mandate centres around connecting with a wide range of other art forms and cultural disciplines. Food and wine have always been an exciting part of our array of activities. Our wine auctions offer a truly exciting collection of some of the finest wines from France, Italy, and around the world.

Most of our buyers come back repeatedly with fascinating tales of the many exciting bottles they have enjoyed since the last auction!


Who benefits from Music and Beyond’s Ottawa Wine Auction?

The Ottawa Wine Auction profits go directly to the Festival (concerts, events, activities, etc.), thereby supporting our mandate. The more we raise, the more we can offer!


Where does the wine come from?

The wine is donated by collectors or the estates of collectors: their collections contain some of the finest wines from around the world. These include selections from France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, and other celebrated wine regions. Please check the updated list at this link.


How is the value of the wine determined?

The wine list is appraised by Robert Jull, owner of Vinifera Wine Services and one of North America’s leading wine experts. With more than 20 years of experience, he has appraised the wine for most of Ontario’s charity auctions.


What are the steps involved in the donation process?

You can email us a list of wines you are considering for donation. Please provide the following information about the wine (by email or via a photograph of the label):

  • Domaine/estate
  • Wine name
  • Vintage year
  • Quality Classification
  • Denomination of Origin, Regulatory appellation (Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions)
  • Producer
  • Date Acquired
  • Colour of the Wine
  • Bottle size

Once we have all the required information, we send it to the wine appraiser (Robert Jull), who will appraise the list in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

We will share the appraisal results with you, and from there, you can decide if you wish to proceed with a partial or full donation of the wine list.

If you decide to proceed with the donation, we can arrange to pick it up from you, or you can come to visit us. Once we have received the wine, you will receive a tax receipt for the appraised value.


Who donates to this fundraiser?

In addition to the collectors who have donated their wine, numerous individuals, businesses, artists, and artisans also donate to our silent auction. This event will take place at the same time as the wine auction. All of the donations support Music and Beyond’s initiatives.


Do I have to be a wine expert to attend?

Not at all! Whether you enjoy the occasional glass of wine or have an established cellar, there is something for everyone. It is the place to gain insights into the world of fine wine, whether you are a beginner, a collector, or a connoisseur.

Do not miss our catalogue; be the first to raise your paddle online!


What does the wine auction process look like?

First of all, you need to purchase a ticket online. Once you arrive at the venue on the date of the auction, you register, sign a waiver, and receive your auction paddle.

All the wines are displayed. You may also review the information on the wine that will be available for purchase in the catalogue.

From 6:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., you can preview the wine on display before the auction begins. At 7:00 p.m., the auctioneer will open the wine auction.

You can bid on the wine you like. If you successfully place the highest bid, you can proceed to the cashier (cash, credit or debit cards accepted) and collect your wine.


What is the ‘Parcel Rule’?

Lot pairings, known as the “Parcel Rule”, will occur. The bidder who wins the first in a series of lots reserves the right to buy the subsequent lots at the same price. However, the bidder is not obligated to do so; the bidding will continue at the opening bid price if they decline.   

Please place bids on the first bottle in a series to ensure you are the highest bidder.


What does the silent auction process look like?

You must bid on Silent Auction items online. You must sign in to place a bid. Click here to bid on the Silent Auction.

The silent auction will close at 8:00 PM on on the night of the auction. The highest bidder online will win the bottle.